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Adaptolog System in sport


Aspiration to rising results of sportsmen at international competitions, struggle against application of dope in sports force to search for new effective methods of constructing the training sessions, based on individual approach . Demands to optimum maintenance of sports shape during the interseasonal period and preparation of sportsmen for competitions increase too. There are various approaches of sportsmen preparation. However, till now, medical aspects are not given due attention during daily training sessions. In daily work, the trainer does not receive sufficient information about sportsman's organism state, which is necessary for planning the size of training sessions, application of adequate loads. Requirement of such information for today is actual as never before.

To solve these problems, methods of functional diagnostics are applied. Ones that have the greatest popularity for estimation of sportsmen state at daily preparation are the methods connected with research of cardiovascular system. Particular wide circulation was received by devices which work is based on the of rhythm of heart variability analysis.

The Adaptolog System of functional diagnostics is a new development which has shown high efficiency at preparation of sports teams, including Russian combined teams.

Data about the examined

Adaptolog System contains all medical information about the sportsman, including the anamnesis, estimation of his or her condition, laboratory parameters, results of examinations, therapeutic and correctional assignments.

Selection of sportsmen

When evaluating the Adaptolog System, it is necessary to, first of all, note the opportunity of its usage for selection of beginners in professional sports. The base of similar selection is created by the established laws of organism's adaptive state changes. They can be recieved by examination results of sportsmen with various degree of readiness: from beginners up to prize-winners of Olympic Games.

Recommendation of loads on trainings

Adaptolog System allows to recommend safe loads for sportsmen, considering adaptive and reserve opportunities of organism, its regulative systems state. Such recommendations enable preventing unreasonable overloads, provide effective work of a sportsman on training, allow doctors and trainers of a team to improve preparation for competitions on the basement of profound studying of sportsman's organism reactions on various loads. Usage of Adaptolog System will enable careful attitude to sportsman's health, lower probability of dangerous overloads, to prevent the development states leading to diseases. All this should contribute to successful continuous work of talented sportsmen in big sports.

List and structure of training sessions

Great help in a trainer's daily work can be given by a list of training sessions and structure of exercises formed in the Adaptolog System environment. For each training, a load on sportsman's organism of the is defined. Examination with Adaptolog System enables to receive every day the structure of trainings, load that corresponds to adaptive opportunities of the organism.

Estimation of the sportsman readiness for competition

Undoubtedly, readiness of the sportsman for competition and expected results of his or her performance is important information for a trainer. Adaptolog System stipulates introduction of any additional parameters estimating performance of a sportsman. Determination of how the given parameters depend on sportsman's adaptive state while carrying out training sessions allows to forecast efficiency of sportsman's performance at competition after pre-examination. Statistical data processing is included in the system, allowing to determine reliability of such forecast.

The established laws of sportsman's performance allow to reveal specific features of organism's functioning, to determine sportsman's adaptive state at which he shows the best results. This knowledge will help to define the purpose of correctional actions, will allow to generate optimal training sessions.

A comparative characteristic of sportsmen, estimation of the team state

Based on estimation of sportsmen performance at various adaptive organism states, Adaptolog System enables to carry out comparative characteristic of sportsmen. This information will help the trainer to select sportsmen for competitions, form an optimal team. Alongside with this, Adaptolog System can estimate the state of a team as a whole by overall performance and physiological parameters. Convenient data presentation in tables, statistical processing of examination results will allow the trainer to determine a team state, its readiness for competition, to see how the condition of each sportsman affects the work of a team as a whole.

Correction of sportsman's state

The diagnostic system provides a directed correction of organism's state by means of various influences. The plans of correction offered by the diagnostic system are formed on the basis of feedback - estimation of organism's reaction to appointed doses of influences. Periods of organism's state correction using such approach are essentially reduced comparing with the time that takes place when applying constant doses. Adaptolog System allows to work effectively with biologically active agents (BAA), determining their collateral influences in time and without overdosages.

Estimation of psycho-emotional state of a sportsman

Adaptolog allows to carry out a research of person's psycho-emotional state, based on uniform methodology of adaptive potential definition. Examination occupies 3 - 5 minutes, therefore can be spent often enough, allowing to trace dynamics of parameters change. The estimation of psycho-emotional state includes definition of level of an adaptivity, motivation, level of a neurotization and other parameters. Alongside with it, the program estimates the direction and influence force of the factors forming psycho-emotional state of a person. Adaptolog System allows to establish laws of sportsman's performance change depending on psycho-emotional state.

Application of Adaptolog System at sportsman's disease

Doctors devote much attention to diseases of sportsmen. Adaptolog System allows to determine pre-nosological changes in organism, to trace dynamics of disease flow, to determine the correctness of picked medical preparations and their doses, whether there are side effects, to estimate completeness of organism's restoration after illness.

The conclusion

Efficiency, compactness, autonomy, safety of application, speed of examination and absence of any inconveniences for sportsman allow to characterize Adaptolog as a system created for successful daily work of a sports team doctor on trainings, gatherings, competitions.

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