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Adaptolog System hardware-software

About software

The software part of Adaptolog has a user-friendly interface allowing to work without difficulties. The Registration Office window gives access to all functions of the program.

Patient data

The Adaptolog System allows to fill in all anamnesis data, estimation of general condition, description of a clinical picture, any kinds of analyses, results of additional inspections of the patient, surveys of experts, therapeutic assignments. Program's windows are convenient to work with and provide fast access to the data


Examination of patient is a simple procedure which does not demand special skills and experience. The infra-red thermometer measures the zones of patient's integuments. Data are automatically filled into the corresponding fields. The program rechecks the received data for high accuracy of measurements.

Results of examination

Results of examination can be looked through in two modes: Functional Changes Mode and Disease Mode. Separate thematic pages provide fast access to results data and comments about each parameter. For easy presentation there is an image of the person with clothes and mimicry that change to represent organism's adaptibility. One page was designed for conclusion and recommendations. Recommendations are general tactics of treatment (volume of symptomatic, etiopathogenetic, replaceable, etc. therapy is specified). In the Functional Changes mode the program offers safe training loads that can be used for the persons who are going in for sports.

Estimation of psychoemotional condition

The estimation of psychoemotional condition takes important place in diagnostic system. It is based on the definition of adaptive potential (adaptable level and coefficient of reaction). The system defines these parameters: common condition, degree of adaptibility, of influencing factors, change of motivations, level of neurotization. Alongside with it, the program determines where the influencing factors are directed to and the force of each of them.

Both physiological and psychoemotional state

It is possible to see both physiological and psychoemotional state at the same time.


The program enables to look at the carried out examinations through a retrospective for all the parameters.

Condition of a team

The Adaptolog System can assess the condition of a team as a whole and show both individual and summary data for all investigated parameters (including additional) in one table. Statistical data processing is also available. You can select what period of time is taken into account or to use the data from the last examination of each person. It is possible to export the tables to Microsoft Excel or to print them.

Estimation of individual parameters

The doctor can add any additional parameters, including laboratory researches and sportsman efficiency data. User establishes how adaptive condition influences these parameters and even defines individual laws by analysing large data set of the patient. Statistical data processing will show the importance of the revealed laws. The received results are printed.

Comparative characteristic

Here is the comparative characteristic of people on additional parameters. Such opportunity is especially necessary for sports medicine doctors. This characteristic reveals specific features of sportsmen's adaptive changes, forecasts performance at competitions, helps to choose the right people for a team. For sportsmen the statistical analysis data set is formed using the results received on training.

Therapy recommendation

The program recommends optimal schemes of condition-correction and treatment. It uses feedback, considers dynamics of changes that occur in organism, previous doses of therapeutic influence, gender, age of the person, etc. The therapy schemes are intended to achieve the favourable adaptive condition in short terms with minimal doses. You can track the correction of regulative systems parameters and adaptive potential on the diagrams.

Training recommendation

The Adaptolog System helps to form training schemes for sportsmen. They are developed by trainer and team doctor together. A sportsman's load is defined for each scheme in percentage from maximum. There can be individual schemes and the number of schemes is not limited. After examination of a sportsman, the program offers a list of training schemes with safe for health, adequate loads. The program allows to look through the trainings retrospective and to find out how the trainings change the condition of the sportsman.


Different variants of printing reports are offered for users. They include results of examination, retrospection results, training and therapeutic recommendations and others.

Some reports examples

Some reports examples for examination results are presented below.


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