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Adaptolog System

In medicine, sports, science -
system of functional state evaluation - "Adaptolog - Expert", version 4.1.2

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Destination of the Adaptolog System

Adaptolog System is intended for evaluating functional state of organism based on determination of systemic changes, control of therapeutic and regenerative actions efficiency, estimation of various factors influencing organism , management of its state by selecting doses of therapeutic or correctional influences based on feedback.

Adaptolog System allows quantitive estimation of organism's adaptive potential in express mode, receivement of general regulative systems changes picture (endocrine, immune, central nervous systems), looking through these data in a retrospective, determining adequacy of spent therapy or correction of organism's state. By using principle of feedback, the system recommends most effective doses of therapy, with reference to the condition of the patient, allows to form correction plans. The diagnostic system gives recommendations of individual safe and most effective loads on trainings for sportsmen and persons that go to fitness clubs. Thus the system can recommend both loads for sportsman's physical perfection and for condition correction (in the therapeutic mode). Adaptolog System is complemented with the estimation of organism's psycho-emotional condition based on the methodology of organism's adaptable potential determination.

The methodological approach that was used in system of Adaptolog system is protected by patents for inventions, the software of the system is registered in Rospatent. The measuring device has international certificates and the sanction of Russian Federation Ministry of Health. Today Adaptolog System already successfully works in our country in medical, medical-improving establishments, known sports clubs.

The "Adaptolog" system is one of the instruments by which the crew is examined in the program of 520-day experiment, simulating manned flight to Mars, "Mars-500".

Features of Adaptolog System

Express estimation organism's state. Examination is spent within 1-1,5 minutes, and in express-mode - in 30 seconds.

Complete estimation of a organism's state.Determination of cumulative changes of organism's regulative systems, measuring the balance of their functioning based on more than 40 parameters.Estimation of a psycho-emotional state.

Universality of application. The system can be used by doctors of a various specializations.

Indispensability in work. The system gives an objective estimation of organism's state, determines adequacy of spent treatment, gives recommendations on individual doses selection and plans of using various therapeutic influences.

Convenience and safety of examination. The system provides remote reading of parameters.

Compactness and autonomy of system allows to spend examinations in various conditions.

The system is unique and has no analogues.

Adaptolog System is used:

medical, treatment-and-prophylactic establishments;

medical centers, including intended for employees of organisations;

family doctors;

private doctors;

rehabilitation and health-improving centers;

sanatorium establishments;

sports medicine;


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